Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Butterflies and Dragonflies Summer Camp.......

 Movement, a daily part of "Butterflies and Dragonflies" Summer Camp is enjoyed by a group of youngsters led by Meg Krejci, owner and director of Masterpeace Studios.

 Meg Krejci, Director of Masterpeace Studios, invites all of you to take part in 2 FULL WEEKS of Summer Fun at Crestwood Court!
and partial weeks available.

Crestwood Court will be offering weekly Summer Camps
for children grades K-8th
Boys and girls will enjoy a unique art experience!
Each day will include movement, visual arts and much more!
Camp days are 8am - 4pm
Before and after care available!

Pricing per child is $220/week
Multi-child discounts

 (Below).....Masterpeace Studios located in the former Lenscrafter space.....No. 176 Crestwood Plaza.
We are situated in the old Dillard's wing of the Plaza with access from the upper parking lot.

This article recently appeared on the Website....PATCH.COM

A Visit to Masterpeace Studios

Half a dozen energy-laden kids leaped across the yoga mats spaced neatly on the floor at Masterpeace Studios in Crestwood.
Others wrestled on the ground, their voices loud and boisterous, until a single “ping” reverberated through the space from Meg Krejci’s handheld chime.
Suddenly, the kids settled down to business: twisting their torsos like a washing machine, arching their backs like a cat and stretching sideways like a tree in the wind.
It may look like yoga but Krejci says what she’s really trying to teach these kids is to slow down and pay attention – to their bodies, to their minds, to their breathing, to the moment at hand. It’s a concept known as “mindfulness.”
“Our lives are so busy it’s hard and we miss so much when we’re not paying attention,” Krejci said.
Creative movement is just one part of mindfulness, Krejci said. She hopes that by learning to live in the present moment, these kids will also learn to make good choices.
“Building awareness of our reactions, triggers and choices gives kids confidence to know that the important stuff comes from inside us, not outside from the pressures of their peers and society’s marketing gorillas,” she said. “It helps them grow into who they want to be, and so much more.”
The Webster Groves resident is the founder and executive director of Masterpeace Studios, which moved from the restored Turner School in Kirkwood to its current location in Crestwood Court in February 2009.
The nonprofit organization offers classes for children and adults in creative movement, art, nutrition and healing arts.
Krejci, 49, said it was especially important for kids to learn these self-care skills. And she’s passionate about encouraging teachers and other caregivers to use the techniques to help children grow and learn.
“You’re turning on their brains,” she said. “You get them to a relaxed, alert state and that’s where your best learning comes from.”
Stacey Morris of Webster Groves just knows that her two daughters love to go to the creative movement and art class they take with Krejci.
“We kind of fell in love with the program right from the beginning,” Morris said. “Of all their activities, it’s the one thing they haven’t complained about going to.”
Without even thinking about it, her girls – ages 8 and 10 – already incorporate some of the techniques they’ve learned from Krejci, Morris said.
“If they’re having a hard time going to sleep, they’ll go through Miss Meg’s body relaxation techniques. Or when they’re upset, they do some yoga to relax and calm down,” she said.
“I can really see a difference.”
Masterpeace Studios began as a natural extension of what Krejci was doing as a self-described Type A mom – Girl Scout leader, Sunday School teacher, classroom volunteer, and all the rest.
“I was involved in everything my kids were,” Krejci said.
So when a friend began teaching yoga, Krejci volunteered to host a yoga camp in her backyard. Soon she was incorporating lessons in art and nutrition.
Before long Krejci had become a certified YogaKids teacher herself. She began going into schools to help implement programs in creative movement, anger management, stress management and relaxation techniques.
She opened Masterpeace in 2006. Its scope has grown through the years, offering more outreach programs to at-risk children through schools and other nonprofits. Krejci is always looking for strategic partners who can help her reach more children at reduced or no cost.
Krejci grew up in Sunset Hills and went off to college for an accounting degree. She earned a masters in international business at Webster University and worked as a project manager at Maritz.
Her own kids (ages 18, 16 and 13) have supported her efforts to make Masterpeace a success.
Her youngest daughter recently created a poster for school that declared her mom was her hero “because she’s following her dream.”
That is strong motivation for Krejci, even when the road is bumpy.
“I’m going to have to hang in here,” she said. “I see a need for this type of programing.”
Do you think this sort of class can play a positive role in the lives of your child or children you know?


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